Yokotai Restaurant Menu – Khon Kaen Thailand

Yokotai Restaurant is a fascinating dining establishment placed in Khon Kaen, Thailand. This restaurant is thought for its scrumptious Thai cuisine and friendly provider, making it a famous spot amongst locals and travelers alike.

The menu at Yokotai Restaurant capabilities numerous conventional Thai dishes, which include pad thai, inexperienced curry, and tom yum soup. Each dish is made the usage of fresh elements and real Thai spices, resulting in bold and flavorful dishes that are certain to satisfy your cravings. The eating place’s forte dish is the grilled river prawns, which might be cooked to perfection and served with a facet of tangy dipping sauce.

The environment at Yokotai Restaurant is relaxed and alluring, with relaxed tables and comfortable seating preparations. The restaurant’s pleasant team of workers are constantly satisfied that will help you select a dish or recommend a drink, making sure that your eating enjoy is as fun as possible. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner, Yokotai Restaurant is the ideal vacation spot for a scrumptious meal in Khon Kaen.


Yokotai Restaurant Sashimi Menu

maguro- sushi
maguro- sushi
UniSea Urchin฿380


vegetable- tempura
vegetable- tempura
Ebi TempuraShrimp lightly battered and fried.฿280
Kakiage TempuraMixed vegetable tempura.฿150
Tori TempuraChicken lightly battered and fried.฿180
Vegetable TempuraAssorted vegetable lightly battered and fried.฿150
Seafood TempuraAssorted seafood lightly battered and fried.฿280


tonkotsu- ramen
tonkotsu- ramen
Shio RamenRamen in a clear, salt-flavored broth with various toppings.฿150
Shoyu RamenRamen in a soy sauce-flavored broth with various toppings.฿150
Miso RamenRamen in a miso-flavored broth with various toppings.฿150
Tonkotsu RamenRamen in a pork bone-based broth with various toppings.฿180
TsukemenCold noodles served with a separate hot dipping sauce and various toppings.฿180

Dessert Menu

mochi- ice- cream
mochi- ice- cream
Matcha Ice CreamGreen tea-flavored ice cream.฿80
Mochi Ice CreamIce cream wrapped in a layer of sweet, sticky rice cake.฿100
DorayakiSweet red bean paste sandwiched between two pancakes.฿120
Warabi MochiSoft, chewy dessert made from bracken starch covered in soybean flour.฿100
AnmitsuAssorted fruits and sweet beans topped with a dollop of syrup and served with ice.฿150

Drinks Menu

green- tea
green- tea
Green TeaFreshly brewed Japanese green tea.฿40
Matcha LatteMatcha powder mixed with steamed milk.฿80
Thai Iced TeaStrongly brewed Ceylon tea mixed with condensed milk and served over ice.฿60
Japanese SodaRefreshing carbonated drink with your choice of strawberry, melon or grape flavor.฿70
CalpisSweet, tangy Japanese drink made from fermented milk.฿50
SakeTraditional Japanese rice wine.฿150 – ฿500

Opening Hours:

Monday(Songkran (Observed))7:30 am–2 amHours might differ
Tuesday7:30 am–2 am
Wednesday7:30 am–2 am
Thursday7:30 am–2 am
Friday7:30 am–2 am
Saturday7:30 am–2 am
Sunday7:30 am–2 am

Phone Number

+66 87 770 9946

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