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Yamazato is a Japanese restaurant positioned in the Okura Prestige Bangkok hotel. It is one in all only two restaurants in Bangkok to be provided a Michelin superstar. The eating place gives a huge form of pure Japanese dishes, which include sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen. Yamazato is moreover regarded for its succulent sake and Japanese beer.
The indoors of the restaurant is stylish and sophisticated, with a large dining sector and a private room for organizations. The group of workers at Yamazato are pleasant and attentive, and they may be unchangingly satisfied that will help you segregate the right dishes.

Yamazato Japanese Restaurant is a unconfined vicinity to experience a succulent Japanese meal with pals or family. The components is unchangingly fresh and flavorful, and the service is first-rate. If you’re seeking out a special event eating place in Bangkok, Yamazato is the ideal vicinity for you.


Yamazato Japanese Restaurant Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (in THB)
EdamameBoiled soybeans with salt150-200
GyozaPan-fried dumplings with pork or vegetables250-300
Ebi fryCrispy fried prawns with Japanese-style tartar sauce350-400
Chicken karaageDeep-fried marinated chicken with garlic and soy sauce300-350
Age dashi tofuDeep-fried tofu with dashi broth and grated daikon200-250


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (in THB)
MaguroTuna sashimi450-500
SakeSalmon sashimi400-450
HamachiYellowtail sashimi500-550
HotateScallop sashimi550-600
UniSea urchin sashimi700-750


sake- nigiri
sake- nigiri
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (in THB)
Maguro nigiriTuna sushi200-250
Sake nigiriSalmon sushi200-250
Ebi nigiriPrawn sushi200-250
Unagi nigiriGrilled eel sushi350-400
California rollCrab meat, avocado, cucumber rolled in sushi rice and seaweed300-350


tekka- don
tekka- don
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (in THB)
Katsu donDeep-fried pork cutlet served on rice350-400
Oyako donChicken and egg served on rice300-350
Tekka donTuna sashimi served on rice450-500
Unagi donGrilled eel served on rice500-550
Chirashi sushiAssorted sashimi served on a bed of sushi rice600-650


matcha -ice -cream
matcha -ice -cream
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice Range (in THB)
Matcha ice creamGreen tea flavored ice cream150-200
MochiSweet glutinous rice cake with various fillings250-300
AnmitsuSweet red bean paste, fruit, and agar jelly served with syrup300-350
DorayakiSweet pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste200-250
Warabi mochiJapanese-style jelly made from bracken starch250-300


DrinksDescriptionPrice (THB)
SakeA Japanese rice wine that is brewed using special fermentation techniques.600-5,000
ShochuA distilled spirit that is made from sweet potato, rice, or barley.350-1,500
WhiskyA variety of Japanese whisky options available.400-8,000
BeerA selection of Japanese and local beers.220-350
WineA range of international wines, including red, white, and sparkling options.800-10,000
CocktailsA variety of classic and signature cocktails made with Japanese spirits and ingredients.350-500
Non-alcoholic drinksA selection of juices, sodas, and teas.120-200

Opening Hours:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Thursday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Friday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Saturday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM
Sunday11:30 AM2:30 PM
6:00 PM10:30 PM

Price Range:

The price range at Yamazato Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok is approximately THB 300 to THB 2,800 per dish. However, prices may vary depending on the specific dishes and drinks ordered.

Phone Number

+66 2 687 9000.

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