The House Of Smooth Curry Restaurant Menu – Bangkok Thailand

It offers a variety of delicious dishes infused with authentic Thai flavors at the House Of Smooth Curry Restaurant Bangkok Thailand. Whether you are searching for mouthwatering curries or savory stir-fries, this Thai restaurant is a must-visit.

There is an extensive menu of food and drinks available at The House Of Smooth Curry Restaurant Bangkok Thailand. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes here, including Pad Thai noodles and crispy fried spring rolls. The restaurant’s spicy curry dishes are made with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices that will leave your taste buds dancing. Afterward, cool off with an ice-cold beer or a classic cocktail from their drinks menu. Visit The House Of Smooth Curry Bangkok Thailand to experience the flavors of Thailand.


The House Of Smooth Curry Restaurant Food Menu

Massaman Beef Curry
Pad Thai NoodlesStir-fried rice noodles with prawns, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanutsTHB 200
Green Curry ChickenSpicy Thai curry made with coconut milk and chickenTHB 240
Massaman Beef CurryA rich and savory curry made with beef and potatoesTHB 280
Tom Yum Goong SoupSpicy and sour soup with prawns, mushrooms, and lemongrassTHB 220
Crispy Fried Spring RollsCrispy fried rolls filled with vegetables and glass noodlesTHB 150
Panang Curry PorkCreamy and spicy curry made with pork and kaffir lime leavesTHB 240
Spicy Basil Chicken Stir-FryStir-fried chicken with Thai basil and chili peppersTHB 220
Mango Sticky RiceSweet sticky rice with fresh mango and coconut creamTHB 120

The House Of Smooth Curry Restaurant Drinks Menu

Long Island Iced Tea
Singha BeerRefreshing Thai lager beerTHB 80
Thai Iced TeaSweet and creamy iced tea with a hint of orangeTHB 60
Mai Tai CocktailA classic rum-based cocktail with tropical flavorsTHB 220
Margarita CocktailTequila, lime juice, and triple sec, served with a salt rimTHB 220
Long Island Iced TeaA potent mix of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and triple secTHB 240
Red Wine, Cabernet SauvignonA full-bodied and rich red wine with notes of blackcurrantTHB 1,200
White Wine, Sauvignon BlancLight and crisp with hints of citrus and green appleTHB 1,200
Sparkling Wine, ProseccoDry and bubbly with a hint of green appleTHB 1,500


+66 2 650 8800


Wednesday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Thursday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Friday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Saturday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Sunday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm
Monday(Māgha Pūjā)11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm Hours might differ
Tuesday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 5:30–10 pm

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