Tbar Restaurant Menu – Udon Thani Thailand

Tbar Restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes to satisfy any craving in Udon Thani. There is something for everyone on the menu at Tbar Restaurant, whether you are craving something sweet or savory. Check out the menu and prices below.


Tbar Restaurant Appetizers Menu

deep-fried- spring- rolls- with- sweet- and- sour- sauce
deep-fried- spring- rolls- with- sweet- and- sour- sauce
Spring RollsCrispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with vermicelli, cabbage, and carrot. Served with sweet chili dipping sauce.฿80
Fried WontonsDeep-fried wontons stuffed with ground pork and vegetables. Served with sweet chili dipping sauce.฿90
Satay Chicken SkewersGrilled chicken skewers marinated in Thai spices and served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish.฿120
Crispy CalamariLightly breaded calamari rings deep-fried to golden brown. Served with tartar sauce.฿150
Pork BallsDeep-fried pork balls seasoned with Thai herbs and served with sweet chili dipping sauce.฿100

Main Courses

spicy- basil- chicken
spicy- basil- chicken
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Grilled Pork NeckMarinated pork neck grilled to perfection and served with dipping sauce95
Spicy Basil ChickenStir-fried chicken with basil leaves, chili, garlic, and onion85
Massaman Beef CurrySlow-cooked beef in a rich and creamy curry with potatoes and peanuts110
Pad Thai with PrawnsStir-fried rice noodles with prawns, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts in a sweet and sour sauce95
Tom Yum Soup with ShrimpSpicy and sour soup with shrimp, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, and chili90
Fried Rice with Crab MeatStir-fried rice with crab meat, egg, onion, and tomato95

Dessert Menu

chocolate- brownie
chocolate- brownie
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Mango Sticky RiceSweet and juicy mango served with sticky rice and drizzled with coconut milk75
Fried Banana with Ice CreamDeep-fried banana topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce85
Thai Tea PuddingCreamy and delicious Thai tea-flavored pudding topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings65
Chocolate BrownieWarm chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce80
Coconut Ice CreamCreamy and refreshing coconut-flavored ice cream served with crispy rice crackers60
Fresh Fruit PlatterAssorted fresh fruits served with a side of honey and lime dressing70

Drinks Menu

freshly- squeezed- lemonade
freshly- squeezed- lemonade
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Thai Iced TeaSweet and creamy iced tea made with Thai tea leaves45
Fresh Coconut JuiceChilled and refreshing coconut water served in the coconut shell50
Green Tea LatteCreamy and frothy green tea latte made with matcha powder65
LemonadeSweet and tangy lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and soda water40
Mango SmoothieCreamy and fruity mango smoothie blended with ice and milk60
Soft DrinksCoca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and more35

Opening Hours:

Sunday10 am–10 pm
Tuesday10 am–11:30 pm
Wednesday10 am–11:30 pm
Thursday(Chakri Memorial Day)10 am–11:30 pmHours might differ
Friday10 am–2 am
Saturday10 am–2 am

Price Range:

The price range per person at Tbar Restaurant in Udon Thani is around 100-200 THB.

Phone Number

+66 83 144 9834

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