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The Best Coffee and Comfort Food in Chiang Mai at Tanita Coffee House

Tanita Coffee House is a small espresso keep located in a quiet a part of Chiang Mai. The save is ready back from the busy road and has a non violent surroundings. The coffee shop is decorated in a traditional Thai style, with timber flooring and walls. There is a small outside seating place, which is perfect for playing a cup of coffee on a heat day.

Tanita Coffee House serves a whole lot of espresso drinks, in addition to a small choice of Thai meals. The espresso is made with one hundred% Arabica beans from the Thai Royal Project. The food is made with clean, nearby elements.

The body of workers at Tanita Coffee House are friendly and inviting. They are continually happy to speak and make recommendations. The espresso save is a awesome region to loosen up and enjoy a cup of espresso or a bite to devour.

Our menu items are listed below, along with descriptions and prices:


Tanita Coffee House Breakfast Menu

avocado- toast
avocado- toast
Avocado ToastA healthy and satisfying breakfast dish with mashed avocado, poached egg, and whole-grain toast.฿120
Belgian WaffleA fluffy and crispy waffle served with whipped cream and fresh fruits.฿120
Croissant SandwichA buttery and flaky croissant filled with ham, cheese, and egg.฿120
Spinach and Mushroom OmeletteA fluffy and flavorful omelette with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.฿100


club- sandwich
club- sandwich
Grilled Cheese SandwichA classic comfort food made with cheddar cheese and whole-grain bread, served with tomato soup.฿150
Chicken Caesar SaladA fresh and healthy salad made with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.฿120
Club SandwichA triple-decker sandwich made with bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.฿150
Chicken Alfredo PastaA creamy and indulgent pasta dish with tender chicken and parmesan cheese.฿180


strawberry- cheesecake
CheesecakeA rich and creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust.฿120
Chocolate BrownieA decadent chocolate brownie with a gooey center, served warm with vanilla ice cream.฿120
TiramisuAn Italian classic dessert made with ladyfingers soaked in espresso and layered with mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder.฿120
Fruit TartA buttery tart crust filled with creamy pastry cream and topped with fresh seasonal fruits.฿120
Ice Cream SundaeA classic dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and your choice of toppings: chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, nuts, or sprinkles.฿80


EspressoA shot of rich and bold espresso.฿60
AmericanoA classic coffee drink made with espresso and hot water.฿80
CappuccinoA creamy espresso-based drink topped with frothed milk.฿90
LatteA smooth and creamy espresso-based drink with steamed milk.฿90
MochaA sweet and chocolaty espresso-based drink with steamed milk.฿100
Hot ChocolateA warm and comforting drink made with rich chocolate and steamed milk.฿100
Iced CoffeeA refreshing and chilled coffee drink with ice.฿80
Iced TeaA cool and refreshing tea drink with ice. Choose from our selection of teas: green tea, black tea, or herbal tea.฿80
SmoothieA refreshing and fruity drink made with blended fresh fruits and yogurt. Choose from our selection of flavors: strawberry, mango, or mixed berries.฿120
MilkshakeA creamy and indulgent drink made with ice cream and milk. Choose from our selection of flavors: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.฿120

Opening Hours:

Thursday(Songkran)8:30 am–6 pmHours might differ
Friday(Songkran)8:30 am–6 pmHours might differ
Saturday(Songkran)8:30 am–6 pmHours might differ
Monday(Songkran (Observed))8:30 am–6 pmHours might differ
Tuesday8:30 am–6 pm
Wednesday8:30 am–6 pm

Phone Number

+66 53 218 474

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