Saban-Nga Restaurant Menu – Hat Yai Thailand

In the center of Hat Yai, Thailand, Saban-Nga Restaurant is a popular restaurant. The restaurant is well-known for its authentic Thai food, friendly service, and warm atmosphere. Saban-Nga Restaurant has a wide range of dishes to please everyone’s palate, so you can enjoy a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner with friends and family. Saban-Nga Restaurant offers a truly authentic Thai dining experience by focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.


Saban-Nga Restaurant Appetizers Menu

tod- mun- pla
tod- mun- pla
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Miang Pla TooFried mackerel with lime, ginger, peanuts, and dried coconut80
Kanom Jeen Nam YaRice vermicelli with fish curry sauce50
Hoi-JorDeep-fried marinated shrimp and pork wrapped in bean curd sheet80
Tod Mun PlaFried fish cake with cucumber sauce60
Por Pia TordDeep-fried spring rolls filled with vegetables and glass noodles60
Goong SarongDeep-fried prawns wrapped in vermicelli noodles90
Pu JaStir-fried crab meat with curry powder and egg150

Main Dishes

pad- thai
pad- thai
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Tom Yam KungSpicy and sour soup with prawns, lemongrass, and mushrooms120
Kaeng Keow Wan KaiGreen chicken curry with coconut milk, eggplant, and basil100
Pad ThaiStir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts80
Khao Pad Krapao MooFried rice with basil leaves and pork80
Phad Kana Nam Man HoyStir-fried Chinese kale with oyster sauce80
Pla Rad PrikDeep-fried fish with sweet and spicy sauce150
Kua Kling MooSouthern-style spicy stir-fried pork with curry paste100


green- curry
green- curry
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Massaman NueaBeef curry with potatoes and peanuts120
Gaeng Som Cha-Om KaiSpicy and sour soup with chicken and acacia leaves100
Gaeng Panang Pla SalmonPanang curry with salmon and coconut milk200
Gaeng Phet Pet YangRed curry with roasted duck and pineapple150
Gaeng Khiew Wan GaiGreen curry with chicken and vegetables100
Gaeng Matsaman KaiMassaman curry with chicken and potatoes100
Gaeng Keow Wan Pla Kra-PongGreen curry with sea bass and eggplant220


chocolate- mousse- cake
chocolate- mousse- cake
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Mango Sticky RiceSweet sticky rice with ripe mango and coconut milk80
Fried BananasCrispy fried bananas served with vanilla ice cream60
Coconut Ice CreamCreamy coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes50
Thai Tea PuddingTraditional Thai tea-infused pudding with caramel70
Sweet Corn PuddingSteamed pudding made with sweet corn and coconut milk60
Chocolate CakeRich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache80
Tapioca PuddingClassic tapioca pudding with coconut cream and corn60
Fruit SaladFresh seasonal fruits served with sweet syrup50


pineapple- smoothie
pineapple- smoothie
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Thai Iced TeaSweetened iced tea with milk35
Thai Iced CoffeeSweetened iced coffee with milk35
Lemon JuiceFreshly squeezed lemon juice30
Lime JuiceFreshly squeezed lime juice30
Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed orange juice40
Pineapple JuiceFreshly squeezed pineapple juice40
Mango JuiceFreshly squeezed mango juice50
Coconut WaterFresh coconut water served chilled25
Soft DrinksCoke, Sprite, Fanta, and other options20
BeerSingha, Chang, Leo, and other options60
Wine (by the glass)Red or white wine options available120
CocktailsMojito, Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, and other options120-150

Opening Hours:

Thursday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Friday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Saturday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Sunday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Monday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Tuesday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm
Wednesday10 am–2:30 pm, 4:30–9 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Saban-Nga Restaurant in Hat Yai is approximately 80-150 THB.

Phone Number

+66 81 969 0686

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