Rimfang Restaurant Menu – Nonthaburi Thailand

Rimfang Restaurant, which is in the center of Nonthaburi, serves a mouthwatering selection of Thai food that is sure to entice your taste buds. Whether you’re a neighborhood or a traveler, this eatery is a must-visit on the off chance that you’re searching for a bona fide Thai culinary experience. The menu at Rimfang Restaurant, along with its prices, descriptions, opening and closing hours, and phone number, will be examined in this article


Rimfang Restaurant Food Menu

fried- rice- with- shrimp
fried- rice- with- shrimp
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Fried Rice with ShrimpThai style fried rice with shrimp and vegetables100
Tom Yum Kung SoupSpicy and sour soup with shrimp and mushrooms120
Green Curry ChickenTraditional Thai curry with chicken and veggies150
Pad Thai NoodlesStir-fried rice noodles with tofu and shrimp100
Massaman Curry BeefRich and mild curry with tender beef180
Papaya Salad with ShrimpSpicy and tangy salad with fresh vegetables90
Stir-Fried Basil PorkMinced pork stir-fried with holy basil120
Chicken Satay Skewers with Peanut SauceGrilled marinated chicken skewers with peanut sauce120
Steamed Fish with Lime SauceSteamed fish topped with spicy lime sauce200
Crispy Fried Chicken WingsDeep-fried chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce100


thai- tea- panna- cotta
thai- tea- panna- cotta
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Mango Sticky RiceSweet glutinous rice topped with fresh mango100
Coconut Ice CreamHomemade coconut ice cream80
Fried BananaFried banana with honey70
Red RubyWater chestnuts in coconut milk80
Tub Tim KrobSweetened jackfruit with coconut milk80
Thai Tea Panna CottaSilky smooth panna cotta with Thai tea flavor90


DrinkDescriptionPrice (THB)
Soft DrinksCoke, Sprite, Fanta, Coke Zero, Schweppes Tonic, Soda35
JuiceOrange, Pineapple, Apple, Lime, Coconut45
SmoothieMango, Banana, Strawberry, Mixed Berry55
Iced TeaLemon, Lime, Lemongrass45
Thai Iced Tea45
Thai Iced Coffee45
Hot CoffeeAmericano, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Chocolate45-55
TeaGreen Tea, Lemon Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey35-45
BeerSingha, Chang, Leo, Heineken, Tiger, Asahi75-95
Wine (Glass/Bottle)Red, White, Rosé175-2,500
Whiskey (Glass/Bottle)Johnnie Walker Black Label, Chivas Regal 12 Years, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey175-3,500
CocktailsMargarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Sangria150-220

Opening Hours:

Monday10:30 am–10 pm
Tuesday10:30 am–10 pm
Wednesday10:30 am–10 pm
Thursday10:30 am–10 pm
Friday10:30 am–10 pm
Saturday10:30 am–10 pm
Sunday10:30 am–10 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Rimfang Restaurant in Nonthaburi is approximately 150-300 Thai Baht.

Phone Number

+66 2 525 1742

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