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Udon Thani’s Nai Farm Cafe serves up a variety of delicious Thai dishes. We have something for everyone at Nai Farm Cafe, whether you’re craving something spicy or sweet.


Nai Farm Cafe Food Menu

stir-fried- veggies
stir-fried- veggies
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Tom YumSpicy and sour soup with shrimp, mushrooms, and lemongrass120
Pad ThaiStir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts100
Green CurryA rich and creamy curry with chicken, eggplant, and bamboo shoots150
Massaman CurryA mild and fragrant curry with beef, potatoes, and peanuts130
Papaya SaladA refreshing salad with shredded green papaya, tomatoes, and chili80
Fried RiceThai-style fried rice with chicken and vegetables100
Pad Kra Pao MooStir-fried pork with basil leaves and chili90
Tom Kha GaiCoconut milk soup with chicken, galangal, and lime120
Som TumSpicy salad with green papaya, tomato, and peanuts80
Larb MooSpicy minced pork salad with lime juice and herbs90
Pad See EwStir-fried wide rice noodles with pork and vegetables100
Stir-fried veggiesAssorted vegetables stir-fried in oyster sauce80
Fried chickenFried chicken with garlic and pepper sauce120
Grilled pork neckGrilled pork neck served with spicy dipping sauce120

Dessert Menu

peanut- butter- cheesecake
peanut- butter- cheesecake
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Mango Sticky RiceA classic Thai dessert of sweet glutinous rice with fresh mango80
Coconut Ice CreamCreamy coconut ice cream served with peanuts and sweet syrup50
Fried BananaCrispy fried banana with sesame seeds and honey syrup60
Black Sticky RiceA traditional Thai dessert of sweet black glutinous rice pudding80
Chocolate CakeRich and decadent chocolate cake with whipped cream70
Fruit SaladFresh mixed fruit salad with sweet syrup60
CheesecakeCreamy and delicious cheesecake with a cookie crust80
TiramisuClassic Italian dessert of layered ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese with coffee flavor90

Drinks Menu

thai- iced -tea
thai- iced -tea
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Thai Iced TeaSweet and creamy iced tea made with Thai tea and condensed milk40
Iced CoffeeRefreshing iced coffee with milk and sugar40
Lemon Iced TeaIced tea with a fresh squeeze of lemon40
Soft DrinksA selection of soft drinks, including Coke, Sprite, and Fanta25
Bottled WaterBottled water in various sizes15-20
Singha BeerA popular Thai beer, available in large and small bottles70/110
Chang BeerAnother popular Thai beer, also available in large and small bottles70/110
Heineken BeerImported beer from Holland, available in large and small bottles90/150

Opening Hours:

Sunday10 am–7 pm
Tuesday10 am–7 pm
Wednesday10 am–7 pm
Thursday(Chakri Memorial Day)10 am–7 pmHours might differ
Friday10 am–7 pm
Saturday10 am–7 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Nai Farm Cafe is approximately 100-200 THB for a full meal and 50-100 THB for drinks and desserts. Prices are subject to change without notice

Phone Number

+66 81 263 0452

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