Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Restaurant Menu – Chiang Mai Thailand

Looking for authentic Thai food in Chiang Mai? Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Restaurant is the place to be. Enjoy authentic Thai dishes from our menu that will satisfy your cravings.


Lemongrass Thai Cuisine Restaurant Appetizers Menu

deep-fried- fish- cakes- with- sweet- chili- sauce
deep-fried- fish- cakes- with- sweet- chili- sauce
Spring RollsCrispy spring rolls filled with vegetables or shrimp80 THB
Fish CakesFried fish cakes served with sweet chili sauce100 THB
SatayGrilled meat skewers served with peanut sauce120 THB
Tod Mun PlaDeep-fried fish patties served with sweet chili sauce100 THB
Som TumSpicy green papaya salad with tomatoes, chili, and peanuts120 THB

Main Dishes

thai- pineapple- fried- rice
thai- pineapple- fried- rice
Tom Yum SoupClassic Thai soup made with lemongrass, chili, lime, and shrimp or chicken150 THB
Pad ThaiStir-fried noodles with shrimp or chicken, bean sprouts, peanuts, and tamarind sauce120 THB
Green CurrySpicy curry made with coconut milk, green chili, and chicken or beef150 THB
Massaman CurryMild curry made with coconut milk, potato, and beef or chicken150 THB
Papaya SaladSpicy salad made with shredded papaya, tomatoes, chili, and peanuts120 THB
Tom Kha Gai SoupChicken soup made with coconut milk, galangal, and lemongrass150 THB
Larb SaladSpicy salad made with ground meat, lime, chili, and herbs120 THB
Fried Rice with PineappleFried rice with pineapple, cashews, and raisins120 THB
Pad Kra PaoStir-fried meat with basil, chili, and garlic120 THB
Panang CurryMild curry made with coconut milk, kaffir lime, and chicken or beef150 THB


stir-fried- rice- with- egg
stir-fried- rice- with- egg
Jasmine RiceSteamed jasmine rice30 THB
Sticky RiceSteamed sticky rice40 THB
RotiFried flatbread served with curry sauce60 THB
Fried EggFried egg served with jasmine rice30 THB
Vegetables Stir FryStir-fried mixed vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce80 THB


coconut- ice- cream
coconut- ice- cream
Mango Sticky RiceSticky rice with fresh mango and coconut cream120 THB
Fried BananasFried bananas served with honey80 THB
Coconut Ice CreamHomemade coconut ice cream60 THB
Fried Ice CreamIce cream wrapped in pastry and fried100 THB
Sweet Sticky Rice with BananaSticky rice with banana in coconut milk80 THB

Drinks Menu

wine- by- the- glass
Red wine being poured into a stem glass at the table.
Thai Iced TeaSweetened tea with condensed milk served over ice50 THB
Lemongrass JuiceFreshly squeezed lemongrass juice served over ice60 THB
Mango ShakeFresh mango blended with milk and ice80 THB
Coconut WaterFresh coconut water served chilled50 THB
Singha BeerThai lager beer80 THB
Chang BeerThai lager beer80 THB
Red WineCabernet Sauvignon or Merlot180 THB
White WineChardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc180 THB
CocktailsSelection of classic cocktails, such as Mojito, Margarita, and Cosmopolitan150 THB

Opening Hours:

Friday(Songkran)9 am–10 pmHours might differ
Saturday(Songkran)9 am–10 pmHours might differ
Monday(Songkran (Observed))9 am–10 pmHours might differ
Tuesday9 am–10 pm
Wednesday9 am–10 pm
Thursday9 am–10 pm

Phone Number

+66 88 260 2544

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