Le Bouchon Parisien Restaurant Menu – Nonthaburi Thailand

The Le Bouchon Parisien Restaurant in Nonthaburi is a must-visit if you enjoy food and enjoy trying new cuisines. This French eatery offers a different menu that will tempt your taste buds and leave you needing more.

Escargots, foie gras, duck confit, and many other French dishes can be found on the Nonthaburi menu at Le Bouchon Parisien. Each dish is ready with the best fixings to guarantee that you get a credible French feasting experience.

The restaurant has provided a comprehensive menu with descriptions and prices to make ordering easier. Here is a table that will provide you with a thought of what’s in store:


Le Bouchon Parisien Restaurant Appetizers Menu

salmon- tartare
salmon- tartare
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice in THB
EscargotsClassic French dish of snails served in garlic butter290
Foie GrasPan-seared duck liver with balsamic reduction and toast580
French Onion SoupRich broth with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese180
Pate de CampagneCountry-style pork pate with cornichons and toast260
Salmon TartareRaw salmon with capers, onions, and Dijon mustard360


duck- confit
duck- confit
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice in THB
Duck ConfitSlow-cooked duck leg served with mashed potatoes and gravy540
Coq au VinChicken cooked in red wine with mushrooms and bacon490
Beef BourguignonBeef stewed in red wine with mushrooms and bacon690
Grilled Pork ChopMarinated pork chop with ratatouille and mashed potatoes480
Grilled SalmonGrilled salmon with sautéed spinach and hollandaise sauce590
RatatouilleClassic French dish of stewed vegetables290


tarte- tatin
tarte- tatin
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice in THB
Crème BrûléeClassic French dessert of vanilla custard with caramelized top190
Chocolate MousseRich and creamy chocolate mousse with whipped cream and berries210
Tarte TatinUpside-down apple tart with caramelized sugar and vanilla ice cream250
ProfiterolesPastry puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce220
Cheese PlateSelection of French cheeses with grapes and crackers290


wines- by- the- glass
wines- by- the- glass
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice in THB
French WinesSelection of French red, white, and rosé wines by the glass or bottle350-5,500
ChampagneSelection of French champagnes by the glass or bottle990-12,500
CocktailsClassic and signature cocktails made with premium spirits240-360
BeerSelection of imported and local beers, both on draft and in bottles120-260
Non-AlcoholicSelection of juices, sodas, and other non-alcoholic beverages70-120

Opening Hours:

Tuesday11 am–10 pm
Wednesday11 am–10 pm
Thursday11 am–10 pm
Friday11 am–10:30 pm
Saturday11 am–10:30 pm
Sunday11 am–9:30 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Le Bouchon Parisien Restaurant in Nonthaburi varies depending on the items ordered, but generally falls between 600 and 1,500 THB, not including taxes or gratuity.

Phone Number

 +66 2 038 3020

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