Le Bistrot de Restaurant Menu – Chiang Mai Thailand

In the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand, you will find Le Bistrot de Restaurant, a charming French bistro. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, this restaurant serves delicious French Cuisine in a cozy setting. Let’s take a closer look at some of Le Bistrot de Restaurant’s most popular dishes in this article.


Le Bistrot de Restaurant Appetizers Menu

foie- gras- terrine
foie- gras- terrine
DishDescriptionPrice (THB)
EscargotsClassic French appetizer featuring tender snails and garlic butter sauce350
Foie GrasPan-seared duck liver served with toasted bread and fig compote720
RillettesSlow-cooked pork spread served with toasted bread and pickles320
PâtéSmooth chicken liver pâté served with toasted bread and cornichons320
TerrineRustic pork and chicken terrine served with toasted bread and pickles350
SaladeMixed greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette200
SoupeClassic French onion soup with melted cheese and toasted bread200

Mains Courses

steak- frites
steak- frites
DishDescriptionPrice (THB)
Coq au VinTender chicken stewed with red wine, bacon, mushrooms, and onions420
Boeuf BourguignonBeef stewed in red wine with onions, carrots, and bacon480
Lapin à la MoutardeRabbit braised in mustard and white wine with carrots and onions540
Magret de CanardPan-seared duck breast served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and red wine sauce620
Steak FritesGrilled sirloin steak served with French fries and herb butter690
Filet de SolePan-seared sole fillet served with roasted vegetables and white wine sauce540
Quiche LorraineTraditional savory tart filled with bacon, cheese, and eggs280


creme- brulee
creme- brulee
DishDescriptionPrice (THB)
Crème BrûléeClassic French dessert featuring vanilla custard and caramelized sugar200
Tarte TatinUpside-down apple tart with caramelized sugar and vanilla ice cream280
Mousse au ChocolatSilky chocolate mousse with whipped cream and chocolate shavings220
Ile FlottantePoached meringue served with crème anglaise and caramel sauce220
ProfiterolesCream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce240


white- wines
white- wines
Wine TypeDescriptionPrice (THB)
White WineChardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Muscadet1,200 – 2,800
Red WineCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Malbec, Côtes du Rhône1,500 – 3,500
ChampagneMoët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Laurent-Perrier, Bollinger, Dom Pérignon5,000 – 8,500
Rosé WineCôtes de Provence, Tavel, Syrah Rosé, Pinot Noir Rosé1,800 –

Opening Hours:

Friday(Songkran)4–10 pmHoliday opening hours
Saturday(Songkran)4–10 pmHoliday opening hours
Sunday4–10 pm
Monday(Songkran (Observed))4–10 pmHoliday opening hours
Tuesday4–10 pm
Thursday4–10 pm

Phone Number

+66 82 451 2806

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