La Terrasse French Bistro & Restaurant Menu – Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai’s La Terrasse French Bistro & Restaurant is a favorite dining destination for those who enjoy French cuisine. A variety of classic French dishes are prepared by skilled chefs using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. There is something for every taste bud at La Terrasse, from starters to main courses and desserts.


La Terrasse French Bistro & Restaurant Starters Menu

foie- gras- terrine
foie- gras- terrine
Escargots à la BourguignonneClassic French snails cooked in garlic butter and parsley, served with breadTHB 280
Soupe à l’OignonClassic French onion soup with croutons and melted cheeseTHB 200
Foie GrasPan-seared duck liver served with fig chutney and brioche toastTHB 450
Salade NiçoiseClassic French salad with tuna, tomatoes, olives, boiled eggs, and green beansTHB 280
Moules MarinièresMussels cooked in white wine, garlic, and cream sauce, served with friesTHB 350

Main Courses

Boeuf BourguignonBeef stew cooked in red wine with mushrooms, onions, and bacon, served with mashed potatoTHB 450
Coq au VinChicken cooked in red wine with bacon, onions, and mushrooms, served with mashed potatoTHB 380
RatatouilleVegetarian dish with sautéed vegetables in tomato sauce, served with rice or baguetteTHB 280
Magret de CanardGrilled duck breast served with cherry sauce and sautéed vegetables, served with mashed potato or friesTHB 550
BouillabaisseTraditional Provençal fish stew with various seafood, served with rouille and breadTHB 650


creme- brulee
creme- brulee
Crème BrûléeClassic French dessert of creamy custard with caramelized sugar on topTHB 150
Tarte TatinUpside-down apple tart with caramelized apples and flaky pastryTHB 180
Mousse au ChocolatRich and creamy chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolateTHB 150
SorbetRefreshing sorbet made with seasonal fruits, served with biscuitTHB 120


classic- cocktails
classic- cocktails
French WinesWe offer a selection of red, white, and sparkling wines from various regions of France.Starting from THB 150 per glass
CocktailsOur cocktail menu features classic and original cocktails made with premium spirits.Starting from THB 180
BeersWe offer a selection of local and imported beers, including Kronenbourg and Leffe.Starting from THB 100
Soft DrinksWe offer a range of soft drinks, including Coke, Sprite, and tonic water.THB 60
Mineral WaterStill and sparkling mineral water from France.THB 50

Opening Hours:

Friday(Songkran)5–10:30 pmHoliday opening hours
Saturday(Songkran)5–10:30 pmHoliday opening hours
Sunday11 am–9:30 pm
Monday(Songkran (Observed))11 am–9:30 pmHoliday opening hours
Wednesday11 am–9:30 pm
Thursday11 am–9:30 pm

Phone Number

+66 83 762 6065

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