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Kisso is a Japanese eating place placed on the eighth ground of the Westin Grande Sukhumvit inn in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant gives a wide sort of pure Japanese dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen. Kisso furthermore has a teppanyaki grill, in which you may watch your resources stuff cooked to perfection.

The interior of the restaurant is modern and elegant, with a big eating quarter and a private room for groups. The personnel at Kisso are pleasant and attentive, and they may be unchangingly satisfied that will help you segregate an appropriate dishes.

Kisso is a unconfined location to revel in a succulent Japanese meal with pals or own family. The substances is unchangingly sparkling and flavorful, and the service is first-rate. If you are looking for a unconfined Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Kisso is the suitable location for you.

Here are some of the most famous dishes at Kisso Japanese Restaurant:


Kisso Japanese Restaurant Food Menu

salmon- sashimi
salmon- sashimi
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
EdamameSteamed soybeans with salt160
Hijiki SaladHijiki seaweed salad250
Salmon Skin SaladCrispy salmon skin with mixed greens340
Tuna TatakiSeared tuna with ponzu sauce480
Tuna SashimiTuna sashimi880
Salmon SashimiSalmon sashimi780
Hamachi SashimiYellowtail sashimi990
Maguro & Salmon SashimiTuna and salmon sashimi950
Nigiri Sushi
Maguro NigiriTuna nigiri300
Sake NigiriSalmon nigiri300
Unagi NigiriGrilled eel nigiri380
Hamachi NigiriYellowtail nigiri480
Sushi Rolls
California RollCrab meat, avocado, and cucumber450
Spicy Tuna RollSpicy tuna, cucumber, and tempura flakes490
Dragon RollEel, avocado, and cucumber720
Rainbow RollCrab meat, avocado, and assorted sashimi690
Grilled Black CodGrilled black cod marinated in Saikyo miso1,250
SukiyakiThinly sliced beef with vegetables and sweet soy sauce1,200
TonkatsuDeep-fried pork cutlet with tonkatsu sauce580
Tempura MoriawaseAssorted tempura with dipping sauce620
Oyako DonChicken and egg over rice480
Katsu DonPork cutlet and egg over rice480
GyudonBeef and onion over rice490
DrinksDescriptionPrice (THB)
MojitoA classic Cuban cocktail made with rum, lime juice, mint leaves, and soda water.250
MargaritaA refreshing Mexican cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec. Served with salt on the rim.280
SangriaA fruity Spanish wine cocktail mixed with fresh fruits and a splash of brandy.350
Long Island Iced TeaA popular American cocktail made with vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and cola.350
Mai TaiA tropical Tiki cocktail made with rum, orange curacao, lime juice, and orgeat syrup. Served with a cherry and a slice of pineapple.300
CosmopolitanA trendy cocktail made with vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and triple sec.280
BeerChoose from a selection of local and imported beers.120-350
WineChoose from a selection of red, white, and sparkling wines.350-1,500
SakeChoose from a selection of premium Japanese sake.500-1,500

Opening Hours:

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:00 AM8:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM8:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM8:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM8:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM7:00 PM

Price Range:

In terms of price range, the average cost per person at Kisso Japanese Restaurant is around THB 1,500 to THB 2,000, depending on your food and beverage choices.

Phone Number

+66 2 207 8130.

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