King Ocha Breakfast Restaurant Menu – Udon Thani Thailand

The King Ocha Breakfast Restaurant is a popular breakfast spot in Udon Thani, Thailand. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the restaurant’s delicious and affordable breakfast dishes. The menu at King Ocha Breakfast Restaurant includes traditional Thai breakfast items as well as western-style dishes.


King Ocha Breakfast Restaurant Breakfast Menu

breakfast- sandwiches
breakfast- sandwiches
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Khao TomA traditional Thai rice soup with pork or chicken50
Jok (Rice Porridge)Rice porridge with your choice of toppings50-60
Khao Neow Moo PingGrilled pork skewers served with sticky rice50
American BreakfastTwo eggs any style, bacon, toast, and coffee or tea120
PancakesThree pancakes with butter and syrup70
French ToastTwo slices of bread dipped in egg batter and grilled60
Breakfast SandwichEnglish muffin, fried egg, ham, and cheese80
OmeletteThree egg omelette with your choice of fillings70-90
Fresh Fruit SaladAssorted seasonal fruits with honey and yogurt70
Coffee or TeaFreshly brewed coffee or tea25-35

Dessert Menu

carrot- cake
carrot- cake
Dessert MenuPrice (THB)
Chocolate Chip Cookies150
Fruit Tart180
Banana Bread Pudding190
Crème Brûlée280
Brownie Sundae220
Lemon Meringue Pie200
Carrot Cake220
Chocolate Mousse240

Drinks Menu

espresso- coffee
espresso- coffee
Drinks MenuPrice (THB)
Coffee (Regular or Decaf)60
Iced Coffee (Regular or Decaf)70
Iced Latte90
Iced Mocha100
Hot Tea (Assorted)50
Iced Tea (Assorted)60
Fresh Juice (Assorted)80
Soft Drinks (Assorted)40

Opening Hours:

Monday3:30–11 am
Tuesday3:30–11 am
Wednesday3:30–11 am
Thursday(Chakri Memorial Day)3:30–11 amHours might differ
Friday3:30–11 am
Saturday3:30–11 am
Sunday3:30–11 am

Price Range:

The price range per person at King Ocha Breakfast Restaurant varies depending on the items ordered, but on average it would be around 300-500 THB per person for a breakfast meal, and around 150-300 THB per person for dessert and drinks.

Phone Number

+66 42 343 481

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