KFC Water Front (Asiatique river front) Menu Bangkok Thailand

KFC Water Front at Asiatique River Front in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a delightful menu of mouthwatering dishes with a picturesque riverside setting. Located within the vibrant Asiatique riverfront market, this KFC workshop provides a unique dining wits for locals and tourists alike. From their signature fried yellow to succulent burgers and sides, KFC Water Front ensures a satisfying fast-food wits surrounded the scenic eyeful of Bangkok’s waterfront.


KFC Water Front (Asiatique river front) Appetizer Menu

chicken- nuggets
AppetizerPrice (THB)
Original Recipe Chicken Strips129
Spicy Chicken Strips129
Chicken Nuggets99
Hot Wings129
Onion Rings99
Mashed Potatoes99
Mac and Cheese99
Vegetable Spring Rolls99

KFC Desserts Menu

chocolate- lava- cake
chocolate- lava- cake
DessertPrice (THB)
Soft Serve Ice Cream49
Chocolate Sundae69
Strawberry Sundae69
Hot Fudge Sundae69
Chocolate Lava Cake99
Strawberry Shortcake99
Apple Pie99
Chocolate Chip Cookie49

KFC Drinks Menu

red- bull
red- bull
DrinkPrice (THB)
Red Bull55
Bottled Water35
Hot Tea35
Hot Coffee35
Iced Tea35

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