KFC UTCC Menu Bangkok Thailand

KFC UTCC in Bangkok, Thailand, presents a tantalizing menu of succulent dishes that are sure to satisfy any hunger. Located within the UTCC (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce) campus, this KFC workshop provides a user-friendly dining option for students, faculty, and visitors. From their signature fried yellow to flavorful burgers and wraps, KFC UTCC promises a satisfying fast-food wits in the heart of Bangkok.


KFC UTCC Appetizers Menu

ItemQuantityPrice (in baht)
Chicken Littles4120
Chicken Strips6140
Mashed Potatoes150
French Fries150

KFC Dessert Menu

apple- pie
apple- pie
ItemPrice (in baht)
Apple Pie50
Chocolate Sundae60
Ice Cream Cone30

KFC Drinks Menu

Coke25 THB
Sprite25 THB
Fanta25 THB
Thai Milk Tea35 THB
Iced Lemon Tea35 THB

KFC Combo Meals Menu

zinger- burger- combo
Original Recipe Chicken Combo199 THB
Zinger Burger Combo199 THB
Kentucky Fried Rice Combo159 THB
WingZ Zabb Combo179 THB

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