KFC THEWALK RATCHAPRUEK Menu Nonthaburi Thailand

The KFC Thewalk Ratchapruek menu in Nonthaburi Thailand, offers a delectable variety of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. Situated within TheWalk Ratchapruek shopping center, this KFC workshop provides a user-friendly dining option for shoppers and residents in the area. Whether you’re a fan of their famous fried chicken, require their flavorful burgers and sandwiches, or prefer lighter choices like salads and wraps, KFC Thewalk Ratchapruek has something for everyone. With a transferral to quality ingredients and unrenowned flavors, this KFC workshop guarantees a satisfying fast-food wits in the vibrant municipality of Nonthaburi. Whether you’re looking for a quick zest during your shopping spree or a succulent meal with friends and family, KFC Thewalk Ratchapruek is ready to serve you with their renowned menu items and friendly service.



zinger- burger
Original Recipe Chicken Strips129 THB
Zinger Burger129 THB
Chicken Pop99 THB
Mashed Potato69 THB
Egg Tart35 THB

KFC Dessert Menu

vanilla- cone
Matcha Black Forest Twist55 THB
Chocolate Black Forest Twist55 THB
Vanilla Cone25 THB
Soft Serve35 THB

KFC Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
Soft Drinks40
Iced Tea30

KFC Combo Meals Menu

zinger- burger- combo
Original Recipe Chicken Combo199 THB
Zinger Burger Combo199 THB
Kentucky Fried Rice Combo159 THB
WingZ Zabb Combo179 THB

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