KFC T-Square (Tang Hua Seng) Restaurant Menu – Bangkok Thailand

KFC T-Square (Tang Hua Seng) Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, is a culinary gem that blends the best of Kentucky Fried Chicken with Thai flavors. Their menu features a tantalizing selection of dishes, from the iconic Original Recipe chicken to Thai-inspired specialties like Spicy Thai Popcorn Chicken and Tom Yum Fried Chicken. With fresh ingredients and a commitment to quality, each bite delivers an explosion of harmonious flavors.

The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the dining experience. Its modern yet cozy interior, adorned with tasteful decorations, creates a welcoming space for friends, family, or colleagues to gather. The friendly staff ensures top-notch service, making every visit memorable.

Conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok, KFC T-Square is easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Situated in a bustling neighborhood, it offers not only a satisfying meal but also the opportunity to explore nearby shopping and entertainment options. Don’t miss out on this exceptional culinary journey that combines the beloved flavors of KFC with the richness of Thai cuisine at KFC T-Square in Bangkok.

KFC T-Square (Tang Hua Seng) Menu

KFC T-Square Chicken Menu

Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken
ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
Original Recipe Chicken99
Spicy Thai Popcorn Chicken119
Tom Yum Fried Chicken129
Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken109
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings79

KFC T-Square Burgers Menu

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger
ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
Classic Chicken Burger139
Zinger Burger149
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger169
Mushroom Swiss Burger159
Veggie Burger129

KFC T-Square Rice and Noodles Menu

Chicken Pad Thai
ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
Thai Basil Chicken Rice119
Chicken Pad Thai129
Pineapple Fried Rice109
Crispy Chicken with Egg Rice139
Spicy Basil Noodles119

KFC T-Square Sides and Snacks Menu

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Cheese sticks on the black background. Photo for the menu
ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
French Fries49
Mashed Potatoes59
Corn on the Cob49
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks79

KFC T-Square Desserts Menu

Apple Pie
ItemPrice (Thai Baht)
Chocolate Sundae59
Soft-Serve Ice Cream Cone39
Apple Pie49
Chocolate Chip Cookie29
Oreo Krushem69

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