KFC Restaurant Midtown Menu Bangkok Thailand

KFC Midtown Bangkok is a popular KFC restaurant located in the heart of the city. It is conveniently located in the Midtown Plaza shopping mall, making it a great place to stop for a quick and delicious meal before or after shopping.

The KFC Midtown Bangkok menu features all of your favorite KFC dishes, including chicken, burgers, wraps, and sides. The prices are very reasonable, with most items starting at just 199 baht.

In addition to its affordable prices, KFC Midtown Bangkok is also known for its friendly service and clean environment. The restaurant is a great place to enjoy a quick and delicious meal while you are in Bangkok.

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Visit KFC Midtown Bangkok today and experience the delicious flavors of KFC at affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed!



Hot & Spicy Chicken
Original Recipe Chicken1 piece of Original Recipe chicken199 THB
Hot & Spicy Chicken1 piece of Hot & Spicy chicken199 THB
Zinger Chicken1 piece of Zinger chicken229 THB
Chicken Littles3 pieces of Chicken Littles199 THB
Twister1 piece of Twister199 THB
Chicken Family Meal12 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 2 regular fries, 2 regular soft drinks599 THB
Chicken Feast9 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 2 regular fries, 2 regular soft drinks499 THB
Chicken Combo Meal4 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, 1 regular fries, 1 regular soft drink299 THB
Chicken Wrap1 Chicken Wrap, 1 regular fries, 1 regular soft drink249 THB


Zinger Burger
Zinger Burger1 Zinger burger169 THB
Chicken Legend1 Chicken Legend burger179 THB
Double Down1 Double Down burger189 THB


Mashed Potato
Regular Fries1 regular fries49 THB
Large Fries1 large fries99 THB
Coleslaw1 serving of coleslaw39 THB
Mashed Potato1 serving of mashed potato39 THB
Corn on the Cob1 corn on the cob39 THB


Hot Coffee
Regular Soft Drink1 regular soft drink39 THB
Large Soft Drink1 large soft drink69 THB
Coca-Cola1 can35 THB
Sprite1 can35 THB
Fanta Orange1 can35 THB
Schweppes Ginger Ale1 can35 THB
Mirinda1 can35 THB
Hot Coffee1 cup45 THB
Iced Coffee1 cup55 THB
Hot Tea1 cup45 THB
Iced Tea1 cup55 THB
Bottled Water1 bottle35 THB
Milkshake1 cup69 THB
Smoothie1 cup79 THB

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