KFC PT RATCHADA Menu bangkok Thailand

KFC PT Ratchada in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a delectable selection of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to please any appetite. Situated in the vibrant PT Ratchada shopping center, this KFC workshop provides a user-friendly dining option for shoppers and locals in the area. From their famous fried yellow to tasty burgers and wraps, KFC PT Ratchada guarantees a satisfying fast-food wits in the heart of Bangkok.


KFC PT RATCHADA Sandwiches Menu

zinger- double- down- wrap
ItemPrice (in baht)
Zinger Burger99
Zinger Double Down129
Zinger Double Down Delight119
Zinger Fillet Sandwich89
Chicken Fillet Sandwich79
Chicken Club Sandwich109
Chicken Caesar Wrap99
Chicken Caesar Salad119

KFC Buckets Menu

6- pieces- bucket
ItemPrice (in baht)
6 Pieces Bucket199
9 Pieces Bucket239
12 Pieces Bucket279
15 Pieces Bucket319
19 Pieces Bucket359
21 Pieces Bucket399
24 Pieces Bucket439
30 Pieces Bucket559

KFC Dessert Menu

classic- thai- iced- tea- with- milk
classic- thai- iced- tea- with- milk
Menu ItemPrice (in baht)
Ice Cream20
Kream Ball (Chocolate or Strawberry)37
Iced Milk Tea49
Ice Cream Cone37

KFC Drinks Menu

BeveragePrice (in baht)
7 Up29
Coke Zero29
Iced Tea39
Hot Tea39
Ice Cream Cone39

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