KFC Paseo Sukhaphiban 3 Menu Bnagkok Thailand

KFC at Paseo Sukhaphiban 3 in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a delectable menu filled with a wide variety of succulent dishes. Situated within the Paseo Sukhaphiban 3 shopping complex, this KFC workshop provides a user-friendly dining option for shoppers and residents in the area. From their famous fried yellow to mouthwatering burgers and sides, KFC at Paseo Sukhaphiban 3 promises a satisfying fast-food wits in the vibrant municipality of Bangkok.


KFC Paseo Sukhaphiban 3 Appetizers Menu

chicken- pop
Original Recipe Chicken Strips129 THB
Zinger Burger129 THB
Chicken Pop99 THB
Mashed Potato69 THB
Egg Tart35 THB

KFC Wraps Menu

zinger- double- down- wrap
Wraps Price
Zinger Double Down Wrap139 THB
Zinger Double Up Wrap119 THB
Hot & Spicy Chicken Wrap99 THB
Chicken Caesar Wrap99 THB

KFC Dessert Menu

vanilla- cone
Dessert Price
Matcha Black Forest Twist55 THB
Chocolate Black Forest Twist55 THB
Vanilla Cone25 THB
Soft Serve35 THB

KFC Drinks Menu

Coke25 THB
Sprite25 THB
Fanta25 THB
Thai Milk Tea35 THB
Iced Lemon Tea35 THB

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