KFC Makro Charansanitwong 37 Menu Bangkok Thailand

KFC Makro Charansanitwong 37 in Bangkok, Thailand is a popular fast food restaurant that serves fried chicken and other mouth-watering dishes Located in the vibrant city of Bangkok, this KFC branch stands out in the location of conveniently located at Charansanitwong 37, easily accessible to locals and tourists Go-to Welcoming atmosphere and efficient service KFC Makro Charansanitwong 37 has become the place to go for those looking for a satisfying and delicious dining experience Whether you like their signature Original Recipe chicken or you want to try their new menu items, KFC Makro Charansanitwong 37 promises to satisfy your taste buds and more He leaves a favorite.


KFC Makro Charansanitwong 37 Appetizers Menu

regular- french- fries
Chicken Littles99 THB
Chicken Strips119 THB
Zinger Nuggets89 THB
Mashed Potatoes49 THB
French Fries49 THB
Coleslaw39 THB

KFC Main Dishes Menu

chicken- rice- bowl
Main DishesPrice
Original Recipe Chicken139 THB
Extra Crispy Chicken139 THB
Zinger Burger129 THB
Twister Wrap119 THB
Chicken Rice Bowl119 THB
Rice with Chicken109 THB
Bucket of Chicken (6 Pieces)399 THB
Bucket of Chicken (12 Pieces)759 THB

KFC Dessert Menu

KFC Sundae69 THB
Chocolate Mousse Pie69 THB
Apple Pie69 THB
Soft Serve39 THB

KFC Drinks Menu

Coca-Cola35 THB
Sprite35 THB
Fanta35 THB
Schweppes35 THB
Hot Coffee45 THB
Iced Coffee45 THB
Tea45 THB
Iced Tea45 THB

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