KFC Lotus Rama I (Charoenphal) Menu Bangkok Thailand

The KFC Lotus Rama I (Charoenphal) menu in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a wide variety of succulent options that are sure to satisfy any craving. Located within the Lotus Rama I (Charoenphal) shopping center, this KFC workshop provides a user-friendly dining wits for shoppers and locals alike. Whether you’re a fan of their famous Original Recipe chicken, require their flavorful Zinger burgers, or prefer lighter options like salads and wraps, KFC Lotus Rama I (Charoenphal) has something for everyone. With a transferral to quality and taste, this KFC workshop delivers a satisfying fast-food wits in the heart of Bangkok


KFC Lotus Rama I (Charoenphal) Appetizers Menu

zinger- burger
Original Recipe Chicken Strips129 baht
Zinger Burger129 baht
Chicken Pop99 baht
Mashed Potato69 baht
Egg Tart35 baht

KFC Dessert Menu

vanilla- cone
Dessert Price
Matcha Black Forest Twist55 baht
Chocolate Black Forest Twist55 baht
Vanilla Cone25 baht
Soft Serve35 baht

KFC Drinks Menu

coca- cola
Drinks Price
Coke25 baht
Sprite25 baht
Fanta25 baht
Thai Milk Tea35 baht
Iced Lemon Tea35 baht

KFC Combo Meals Menu

zinger- burger- combo
Original Recipe Chicken Combo199 baht
Zinger Burger Combo199 baht
Kentucky Fried Rice Combo159 baht
WingZ Zabb Combo179 baht

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