KFC Lotus Rama 3 Restaurant – Bangkok Thailand

KFC Lotus Rama 3 is a popular fast food restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a branch of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chain, which is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Lotus Rama 3 shopping mall, which is a popular shopping destination in Bangkok.

KFC Lotus Rama 3 offers a wide variety of fried chicken dishes, as well as other fast food items such as burgers, french fries, and soft drinks. The restaurant also has a salad bar and a dessert bar. The food at KFC Lotus Rama 3 is generally considered to be of good quality, and the prices are reasonable.

There are several reasons why you might want to visit KFC Lotus Rama 3. First, if you are a fan of KFC, then you will likely enjoy the food at this restaurant. Second, if you are looking for a quick and affordable meal, then KFC Lotus Rama 3 is a good option. Finally, if you are shopping at Lotus Rama 3, then KFC Lotus Rama 3 is a convenient place to grab a bite to eat.


KFC Lotus Rama 3 Chicken Menu

Chicken Strips
Original Recipe Chicken129 Baht
Hot & Spicy Chicken139 Baht
Zinger Chicken139 Baht
Chicken Littles69 Baht
Chicken Strips99 Baht
Popcorn Chicken69 Baht
Chicken Wings99 Baht
Chicken Drumsticks99 Baht

KFC Lotus Rama 3 Combo Meals Menu

Chicken Strips Combo
Original Recipe Chicken Combo189 Baht
Hot & Spicy Chicken Combo199 Baht
Zinger Chicken Combo199 Baht
Chicken Littles Combo129 Baht
Chicken Strips Combo159 Baht
Popcorn Chicken Combo129 Baht
Chicken Wings Combo159 Baht
Chicken Drumsticks Combo159 Baht

KFC Lotus Rama 3 Sides Menu

Balsamic Bolognese Pasta
French Fries35 Baht
Coleslaw35 Baht
Mashed Potato45 Baht
Balsamic Bolognese Pasta129 Baht
Salad Bar129 Baht

KFC Lotus Rama 3 Drinks Menu

Soda Float
Coke25 Baht
Pepsi25 Baht
Fanta25 Baht
Sprite25 Baht
Iced Tea35 Baht
Iced Coffee35 Baht
Milkshake55 Baht
Soda Float55 Baht

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