KFC Empire Tower Menu Bangkok Thailand

The KFC Empire Tower menu in Bangkok, Thailand offers a variety of mouth-wateringly tempting dishes to suit a variety of tastes. From their signature fried chicken, made with their secret blend of vegetables and spices, to delicious burgers, wraps and salads, KFC Empire Tower ensures a satisfying meal for visitors each With a focus on quality ingredients and unique flavors, this branch of KFC offers a menu that combines classic favorites with innovative creations . Whether you like a crispy zinger burger, a bucketful of finger-cleaning good chicken, or a refreshing drink to accompany your meal, KFC Empire Tower is the place to go for a fun fast-food meal in Bangkok.


KFC Empire Tower Appetizers Menu

chicken- strips
Chicken Littles99 THB
Chicken Strips119 THB
Zinger Nuggets89 THB
Mashed Potatoes49 THB
French Fries49 THB
Coleslaw39 THB

KFC Dessert Menu

chocolate- mousse- cake
chocolate- mousse- cake
KFC Sundae69 THB
Chocolate Mousse Pie69 THB
Apple Pie69 THB
Soft Serve39 THB

KFC Drinks Menu

Coca-Cola35 THB
Sprite35 THB
Fanta35 THB
Schweppes35 THB
Hot Coffee45 THB
Iced Coffee45 THB
Tea45 THB

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