KFC CENTRAL WORLD Menu Bangkok Thailand

KFC CENTRAL WORLD is a popular KFC department placed in the CENTRAL WORLD shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a popular spot for travelers and locals alike, and the menu gives quite a few KFC favorites, as well as a few Thai-stimulated dishes.

KFC Menu

KFC Appetizers Menu

onion- rings
onion- rings
AppetizerPrice (THB)
Original Recipe Chicken Strips129
Spicy Chicken Strips129
Chicken Nuggets99
Hot Wings129
Onion Rings99
Mashed Potatoes99
Mac and Cheese99
Vegetable Spring Rolls99

KFC Main Courses Menu

family- feast
Main CoursePrice (THB)
Original Recipe Combo129
Spicy Combo129
Zinger Combo119
Chicken Fillet Combo109
Double Down159
Zinger Double Down169
Zinger Tower189
Original Recipe Chicken Bucket (6 pcs)179
Spicy Chicken Bucket (6 pcs)179
Zinger Bucket (6 pcs)169
Chicken Fillet Bucket (6 pcs)159
Mix Box (2 pcs of Original Recipe, 2 pcs of Spicy, and 2 pcs of Zinger)179
Family Feast (10 pcs of Original Recipe, 6 pcs of Hot Wings, 2 pcs of Mashed Potatoes, 2 pcs of Coleslaw, and 2 pcs of Biscuit)629

KFC Sides Menu

popcorn- chicken
SidePrice (THB)
Original Recipe Fries49
Spicy Fries49
Mashed Potatoes99
Mac and Cheese99
Vegetable Spring Rolls99
Honey BBQ Wings129
Popcorn Chicken99

KFC Desserts Menu

strawberry- sundae
DessertPrice (THB)
Soft Serve Ice Cream49
Chocolate Sundae69
Strawberry Sundae69
Hot Fudge Sundae69
Chocolate Lava Cake99
Strawberry Shortcake99
Apple Pie99
Chocolate Chip Cookie49

KFC Drinks Menu

red- bull
red- bull
DrinkPrice (THB)
Red Bull55
Bottled Water35
Hot Tea35
Hot Coffee35
Iced Tea35

Phone Number :

 +66 2 656 1783

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm

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