HK Dimsum Restaurant Menu – Surat Thani Thailand

In the event that you honestly love delectable faint aggregate and Chinese food, you won’t have any desire to pass up the menu at HK Dimsum Café in Surat Thani. There is something for every palate thanks to the extensive selection of dishes available. Find out what’s on the menu and how much you can expect to pay in the following paragraphs.


HK Dimsum Restaurant Food Menu

pork- chop- rice
pork- chop- rice
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Dim Sum
Pork Siu MaiSteamed pork dumplings topped with shrimp and served with soy sauce60
Har GowSteamed shrimp dumplings with a translucent wrapper70
BBQ Pork BunFluffy steamed buns filled with BBQ pork50
Chicken FeetSteamed chicken feet with a spicy sauce60
Steamed Spare RibsTender spare ribs steamed to perfection with black bean sauce80
Shrimp and Chive DumplingsSteamed dumplings filled with shrimp and chives70
Siew Long BaoSoup-filled pork dumplings with a delicate skin80
Preserved Egg CongeeCongee with preserved egg, pork floss, and green onion60
Pork CongeeCongee with tender pork slices and green onion50
Rice and Noodle Dishes
Wonton Noodle SoupNoodles and wontons in a savory broth with vegetables and meat70
Beef Noodle SoupNoodles and beef slices in a flavorful broth80
Fried Rice with EggClassic fried rice with egg and mixed vegetables60
Pork Chop RiceFried rice topped with a crispy pork chop and vegetables80

Dessert Menu

egg- tarts
egg- tarts
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Egg TartsFlaky pastry filled with rich, creamy egg custard40
Mango PuddingSweet and creamy pudding made with fresh mango50
Sesame BallsChewy and crispy fried dough balls filled with sweet sesame paste50
Red Bean CakeSoft and fluffy cake made with sweet red bean paste40
Coconut Milk PuddingSmooth and creamy pudding made with coconut milk and a hint of pandan flavor50
Almond Jelly with Fruit MixChilled almond-flavored jelly with a mix of fresh fruits60
Sticky Rice with MangoSweet glutinous rice with juicy mango slices and a drizzle of coconut milk80

Drinks Menu

chinese- tea
chinese- tea
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Hot Drinks
Chinese TeaFragrant and refreshing Chinese tea30
Hot Milk TeaCreamy and sweet milk tea40
Hot Lemon TeaHot tea infused with fresh lemon juice40
Hot CoffeeStrong and flavorful hot coffee40
Cold Drinks
Iced Milk TeaSweet and refreshing iced milk tea45
Iced Lemon TeaIced tea infused with fresh lemon juice40
Iced CoffeeSmooth and creamy iced coffee45
Soft DrinksA variety of carbonated drinks and juices30-40

Opening Hours:

Saturday5:45 am–12 pm
Sunday5:45 am–12 pm
Monday5:45 am–12 pm
Tuesday5:45 am–12 pm
Wednesday5:45 am–12 pm
Thursday5:45 am–12 pm
Friday5:45 am–12 pm

Price Range:

The prices at HK Dimsum Restaurant are affordable and reasonable for the quality and quantity of food you receive. Most dishes range from around THB 50 to THB 80, with a few more expensive options priced up to THB 100.

Phone Number

+66 62 941 8259.

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