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Hagi is a Japanese eating place positioned within the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The eating place gives a wide variety of natural Japanese dishes, together with sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen. Hagi is furthermore recognised for its succulent sake and Japanese beer.

The eating place is positioned on the seventh ground of the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao resort. It’s easiest to take the BTS to Ratchathewi station and stroll to the motel.

The indoors of the eating place is spacious and modern, with a large dining area and a private room for organizations. The workforce at Hagi are pleasant and attentive, and they’re unchangingly satisfied to help you segregate the precise dishes.

Hagi Japanese Restaurant is a unconfined location to experience a succulent Japanese meal with friends or circle of relatives. The components is unchangingly fresh and flavorful, and the carrier is awesome. If you’re looking for a unconfined Japanese eating place in Bangkok, Hagi is the appropriate location for you.

Here are some of the most popular dishes at Hagi Japanese Restaurant:


Hagi Japanese Restaurant Food Menu

sushi- and- sashimi- platter
sushi- and- sashimi- platter
Sushi and Sashimi PlatterA combination of fresh and succulent sushi and sashimi, including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and shrimp750 THB
Tempura UdonThick and chewy udon noodles served in a hot and savory broth, accompanied by crispy and delicious tempura shrimp and vegetables350 THB
Beef TeriyakiJuicy and tender slices of beef, grilled to perfection and glazed with a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce, served with steamed rice and miso soup450 THB
Yakiniku SetA set of grilled meats, including beef, pork, and chicken, served with a variety of dipping sauces and steamed rice1,200 THB
TonkatsuDeep-fried pork cutlet with a crispy and golden-brown coating, served with shredded cabbage, rice, and miso soup380 THB
Hot PotA communal dish where guests can cook their own ingredients in a simmering broth, including thinly sliced meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles1,200 THB

Drinks Menu

green- tea
green- tea
Green TeaA traditional Japanese tea with a delicate and earthy flavor50 THB
SakeA variety of Japanese sake, including junmai, ginjo, and daiginjo, to pair perfectly with your meal200-1,000 THB
ShochuA Japanese distilled spirit made from sweet potatoes, barley, or rice, served on the rocks or mixed with soda150-300 THB
Japanese WhiskyA selection of premium Japanese whiskies, including Suntory and Nikka, served neat or on the rocks300-1,500 THB
BeerA variety of Japanese and imported beers, including Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo, served cold in bottles or on tap150-300 THB
WineA selection of international wines, including red, white, and sparkling, to complement your meal1,000-3,000 THB

Opening Hours:

Wednesday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm
Thursday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm
Friday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm
Saturday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm
Sunday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm
Monday(Māgha Pūjā)11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pmHours might differ
Tuesday11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6:30–10 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Hagi Japanese Restaurant is approximately 800-1,500 THB for food and 150-1,500 THB for drinks, depending on the items ordered.

Phone Number

+66 2 541 1234

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