Ginger Restaurant Menu – Hat Yai Thailand

The flavors at Ginger Restaurant in Hat Yai are a delicious combination of Thai and Western influences. They offer a wide range of dishes to suit all tastes, from appetizers to desserts. Let’s look at their prices, menu, and descriptions.


Ginger Restaurant Appetizers Menu

prawn- crackers
prawn- crackers
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Prawn crackersCrispy and savory prawn crackers60
Ginger spring rollsFried rolls filled with ginger, vegetables, and chicken110
Spicy tuna tartareFreshly diced tuna with chili, lime, and cilantro160
Grilled squidGrilled squid served with garlic and chili sauce170


tom- kha- gai
tom- kha- gai
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Tom kha gaiClassic Thai coconut soup with chicken and lemongrass120
Tom yam kungSour and spicy prawn soup with herbs and chili150
Crab meat soupClear soup with crab meat and glass noodles170

Main Dishes

ginger- fish
ginger- fish
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Pad thaiClassic stir-fried noodles with prawns, tofu, and peanuts120
Massaman curryMild curry with beef, potatoes, and peanuts180
Green currySpicy curry with chicken, eggplant, and basil150
Ginger fishFried fish fillet topped with ginger and vegetables200


fried- ice- cream
fried- ice- cream
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (in THB)
Sticky Rice PuddingA traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar.70
Mango with Sticky RiceFresh sliced mango served with sweet coconut milk and sticky rice.90
Coconut Ice CreamHomemade coconut ice cream served with a choice of toppings.50
Fried Ice CreamA scoop of ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of dough and deep-fried until golden.80
Thai Tea PuddingA creamy pudding flavored with Thai tea and topped with whipped cream.60


lemongrass- tea
lemongrass- tea
Drink NameDescriptionPrice (THB)
Ginger CoolerRefreshing ginger-based drink with lime and soda80
Lemongrass TeaHot or iced tea made with fresh lemongrass50
Thai Iced TeaClassic Thai iced tea with condensed milk60
Mango SmoothieThick and creamy smoothie made with fresh mango and milk80
Green Tea LatteSweet and creamy latte made with matcha green tea powder and milk70
Fruit PunchA mix of tropical fruit juices with soda80
Iced CoffeeClassic iced coffee with milk and sugar60

Opening Hours:

Thursday5–10 pm
Friday5–10 pm
Saturday5–10 pm
Sunday5–10 pm
Monday5–10 pm
Tuesday5–10 pm
Wednesday5–10 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Ginger Restaurant in Hat Yai varies depending on the dishes ordered. However, on average, customers can expect to spend around 300-500 THB per person for a meal.

Phone Number

+66 74 352 222

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