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Menu at Chen Loong Boat Noodle Restaurant in Hat Yai If you’re looking for authentic Thai boat noodles, Chen Loong Boat Noodle Restaurant in Hat Yai is the place to go. Noodle soups made from secret family recipes handed down through the generations are available at this hidden gem.

There are a variety of boat noodle dishes on the menu at Chen Loong Boat Noodle Restaurant. Each one comes in small portions that are ideal for sharing. The signature beef boat noodle soup, spicy pork boat noodle soup, and tom yum boat noodle soup are among the must-try dishes. There are also vegetarian options.

We have created a table with the menu items, descriptions, and prices to make ordering easier for you:


Chen Loong Boat Noodle Restaurant Food Menu

boat noodles- beef- or -pork
boat noodles- beef- or -pork
CategoryMenu ItemsPrice (THB)
AppetizersSpring Rolls70
Fish Cake100
Fried Tofu80
Grilled Pork Neck150
Pork Satay150
Fried Chicken Wings100
SoupsBeef Boat Noodle Soup60
Spicy Pork Boat Noodle Soup60
Tom Yum Boat Noodle Soup60
Vegetarian Boat Noodle Soup60
NoodlesBoat Noodles (Beef or Pork)40
Pad Thai60
Rad Na (Beef or Pork)60
Kuay Teow (Beef or Pork)60
Rice DishesFried Rice (Beef or Pork)60
Basil Fried Rice (Beef or Pork)60
Pineapple Fried Rice (Shrimp)80
CurriesGreen Curry (Chicken or Beef)80
Red Curry (Chicken or Beef)80
Massaman Curry (Beef)90
Stir-FriedBasil Stir-Fry (Chicken or Beef)80
Cashew Nut Stir-Fry (Chicken or Beef)80
Pad Kaprao (Chicken or Beef)80
SaladsPapaya Salad70
Thai Salad70
Glass Noodle Salad70


CategoryMenu ItemsPrice (THB)
TeaThai Iced Tea20
Thai Iced Coffee20
Lemon Iced Tea25
Lemongrass Tea25
Green Tea25
Soft DrinksCoke20
Ginger Ale25
Tonic Water25
Soda Water15
Orange Juice30
Pineapple Juice30
Coconut Juice35
Mango Juice35

Opening Hours:

Thursday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Friday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Saturday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Sunday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Monday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Tuesday7:30 am–3:40 pm
Wednesday7:30 am–3:40 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Chen Loong Boat Noodle Restaurant is approximately ฿50-฿150, depending on the menu items chosen.

Phone Number

+66 74 230 062.

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