Charms Cafe Menu – Udon Thani Thailand

Charms Cafe in Udon Thani serves delicious food and coffee in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll find Charms Cafe to be the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or relax with friends.


Charms Cafe Breakfast Menu

american- breakfast
american- breakfast
Eggs BenedictTwo poached eggs served on an English muffin with ham and hollandaise sauceTHB 160
American BreakfastTwo eggs any style with bacon, sausage, toast, and coffee or teaTHB 180
PancakesFluffy pancakes served with butter and maple syrupTHB 120
French ToastSliced bread dipped in egg batter, grilled to golden brown, and served with syrupTHB 100
Fresh Fruit BowlA selection of fresh seasonal fruits and yogurtTHB 100

Lunch Menu

grilled- pork- chop
grilled- pork- chop
Charms BurgerGrilled beef patty with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce on a bunTHB 180
Chicken Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, grilled chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressingTHB 150
Spaghetti BologneseClassic Italian dish with ground beef and tomato sauceTHB 130
Thai Green CurrySpicy curry with chicken, eggplant, bamboo shoots, and moreTHB 150
Grilled Pork ChopJuicy pork chop served with mashed potatoes and vegetablesTHB 180


peanut- butter- cheesecake
peanut- butter- cheesecake
Chocolate Lava CakeWarm chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate centerTHB 120
CheesecakeCreamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and berry toppingTHB 100
TiramisuClassic Italian dessert with layers of mascarpone cheese and espresso-soaked ladyfingersTHB 120
Banana SplitSliced bananas topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped creamTHB 100
Ice Cream SundaeVanilla ice cream with your choice of toppings, including hot fudge and caramelTHB 80


blueberry- smoothie
blueberry- smoothie
Iced CappuccinoEspresso and milk blended with ice and topped with foamTHB 90
Caramel MacchiatoEspresso with steamed milk and caramel syrup, topped with foamTHB 100
Freshly Brewed CoffeeA rich and flavorful cup of coffeeTHB 60
Iced TeaA refreshing blend of tea and fruit flavors, served over iceTHB 60
Blueberry SmoothieA refreshing blend of blueberries, yogurt, and honeyTHB 80

Opening Hours:

Tuesday10 am–8 pm
Wednesday10 am–8 pm
Thursday(Chakri Memorial Day)10 am–8 pmHours might differ
Friday10 am–8 pm
Saturday10 am–8 pm
Sunday10 am–8 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Charms Cafe is approximately THB 100 to THB 200.

Phone Number

+66 42 111 2222.

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