Celadon Thai Restaurant Menu – Bangkok Thailand

In Bangkok, Thailand, Celadon Thai Restaurant is a popular place to eat. It is a favorite among both locals and tourists because it serves authentic Thai food in a luxurious and elegant setting. We will examine the restaurant’s menu, prices, and hours of operation in greater detail in this article.


Celadon Thai Restaurant Appetizers Menu

tod -man- pla
tod -man- pla
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Tod Man PlaDeep-fried fish cakes with sweet chili sauce350 THB
Hor Mok TalaySteamed seafood custard with Thai herbs and curry paste450 THB
Goong Hom SabaiCrispy prawns wrapped in angel hair noodles with sweet chili sauce450 THB
Gai SatayGrilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce350 THB
Kanom JeebSteamed shrimp and water chestnut dumplings with light soy sauce350 THB


tom- kha- gai
tom- kha- gai
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Tom Yum GoongHot and sour soup with prawns, lemongrass, and chili450 THB
Tom Kha GaiCoconut milk soup with chicken, galangal, and lime350 THB
Poh TaekSpicy seafood soup with lemongrass, kaffir lime, and chili550 THB


gaeng- kiew- wan- gai
gaeng- kiew- wan- gai
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Gaeng Kiew Wan GaiGreen curry with chicken, eggplant, and sweet basil450 THB
Gaeng Ped YangRed curry with roast duck, grapes, and pineapple550 THB
Gaeng Massaman NueaMassaman curry with beef, potato, and cashew nuts650 THB
Gaeng Panang GoongPanang curry with prawns, kaffir lime leaves, and chili650 THB

Main Courses

roast- duck- with -honey- soy- sauce,- and- ginger
roast- duck- with -honey- soy- sauce,- and- ginger
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Pla Sam RodDeep-fried sea bass with sweet, sour, and spicy sauce850 THB
Neua Yang Nam TokGrilled beef salad with mint, chili, and roasted rice powder550 THB
Ped Ob SaiRoast duck with honey, soy sauce, and ginger750 THB
Poo Nim Pad Pong KareeSoft-shell crab with curry powder and eggs750 THB


red- ruby- water- chestnuts- in- sweet- coconut- milk
red- ruby- water- chestnuts- in- sweet- coconut- milk
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Khao Niew MamuangSweet sticky rice with mango and coconut cream350 THB
Tub Tim KrobRed ruby water chestnuts in sweet coconut milk350 THB
Saku Sai SaiTapioca pearls stuffed with coconut and palm sugar, with ice cream350 THB


thai- iced -tea
thai- iced -tea
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Thai Iced TeaThai tea with milk and sugar120 THB
Lemongrass TeaHot or iced tea made from lemongrass120 THB
Singha BeerA popular Thai beer220 THB
Chang BeerAnother popular Thai beer220 THB
Soft DrinksA variety of sodas and other soft drinks80 THB

Opening Hours:

Saturday6–11 pm
Sunday6–11 pm
Monday(Māgha Pūjā)6–11 pmHours might differ
Tuesday6–11 pm
Wednesday6–11 pm
Thursday6–11 pm
Friday6–11 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Celadon Thai Restaurant in Bangkok is approximately 1500-2500 THB.

Phone Number

+66 2 344 8888

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