Be Back Cafe Bistro Menu – Surat Thani Thailand

Are you looking for a cozy and inviting cafe that serves delicious food and refreshing beverages? Visit Be Back Cafe Bistro in Surat Thani. Enjoy a leisurely brunch or a quick bite at this charming café. Delicious options are available to satisfy every craving, and the prices are affordable.


Be Back Cafe Bistro Appetizers Menu

bruschetta- al- pomodoro
bruschetta- al- pomodoro
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
BruschettaToasted bread with tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil140
Fried CalamariDeep-fried squid served with tartar sauce180
Garlic BreadToasted bread with garlic and butter80
Caprese SaladFresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil180
Mixed TapasAssorted small plates of cheese, olives, and cold cuts240


spaghetti- bolognese
spaghetti- bolognese
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Spaghetti BologneseSpaghetti with classic tomato-based meat sauce200
Pesto LinguineLinguine pasta with basil pesto sauce and pine nuts220
CarbonaraSpaghetti with creamy egg and bacon sauce240
Seafood LinguineLinguine pasta with mixed seafood and tomato sauce320
LasagnaClassic Italian baked pasta dish with meat and tomato sauce260


grilled- pork- chop
grilled- pork- chop
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
Grilled Pork ChopGrilled pork chop served with mashed potatoes and vegetables280
Beef TenderloinGrilled beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes and vegetables560
Chicken PiccataPan-fried chicken breast with lemon butter and capers220
Grilled SalmonGrilled salmon served with mashed potatoes and vegetables360
Rack of LambRoasted rack of lamb served with mashed potatoes and vegetables780

Desserts Menu

chocolate- cake
chocolate- cake
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (THB)
TiramisuClassic Italian dessert with mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers140
Chocolate CakeRich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and whipped cream140
CheesecakeCreamy cheesecake with graham cracker crust and berry compote160
Fruit PlatterAssorted seasonal fruits served with whipped cream120
Ice Cream SundaeVanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream80

Drinks Menu

creamy- milkshakes
creamy- milkshakes
DrinksDescriptionPrice (THB)
EspressoA single shot of rich, smooth espresso.60
AmericanoA single shot of espresso with added hot water for a lighter, smoother taste.70
CappuccinoA single shot of espresso with steamed milk and a layer of froth.80
LatteA single shot of espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of froth.90
MochaA single shot of espresso with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and a layer of froth.100
Iced CoffeeChilled coffee served over ice with your choice of milk or cream.80
Iced LatteChilled espresso with milk and ice, topped with a thin layer of froth.100
Iced MochaChilled espresso with milk, chocolate syrup, and ice, topped with a layer of froth.120
SmoothiesA delicious blend of fresh fruits, yogurt, and ice. Choose from mango, strawberry, or banana.100
MilkshakesA creamy blend of milk and ice cream. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.120

Opening Hours:

Saturday8 am–6 pm
Sunday8 am–6 pm
Monday8 am–6 pm
Tuesday8 am–6 pm
Wednesday8 am–6 pm
Thursday(Chakri Memorial Day)8 am–6 pmHours might differ
Friday8 am–6 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Be Back Cafe Bistro in Surat Thani, Thailand is approximately 100-300 THB.

Phone Number

+66 99 626 4492

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