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Meat lovers enjoy Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. As one of the best steakhouses in the city, this restaurant is known for its mouth-watering steaks and delectable sides. Chefs prepare USDA Prime, Wagyu and Angus cuts to perfection on their menu, which features the highest quality beef. Additionally, the menu offers fresh seafood and vegetarian options, so everyone can find something they like.

Apart from the excellent food, Babette’s also offers an extensive drink menu, including fine wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails. There is something to suit every taste at the bar, whether you are looking for a refreshing drink to accompany your meal or a nightcap to end your evening. Indulge in a truly memorable dining experience in Bangkok at Babette’s The Steakhouse, with its upscale atmosphere, impeccable service, and exceptional cuisine.


Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Appetizers Menu

MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Babette’s Beef TartareHand-chopped prime beef, capers, onions, mustard, egg yolk, toasted brioche620
Crab CakeJumbo lump crab meat, remoulade sauce, mesclun greens450
Fried CalamariCrispy fried calamari, spicy marinara sauce, lemon aioli350
Lobster BisqueRich and creamy lobster soup, chives350
Seared Foie GrasPan-seared duck foie gras, brioche French toast, balsamic reduction950

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Salads Menu

Heirloom Tomato Salad
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Caesar SaladRomaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing290
Heirloom Tomato SaladMixed heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, balsamic glaze380
Iceberg Wedge SaladCrispy iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese dressing320
Lobster SaladLobster meat, mixed greens, grapefruit, avocado, citrus vinaigrette790

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Steaks and Chops Menu

Filet Mignon
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Filet Mignon8 oz. center-cut tenderloin, red wine sauce, choice of side1,890
New York Strip12 oz. center-cut strip loin, red wine sauce, choice of side1,990
Porterhouse for Two32 oz. bone-in strip loin and filet mignon, red wine sauce, choice of side4,500
Ribeye16 oz. prime ribeye, red wine sauce, choice of side2,290

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Seafood Menu

Grilled King Prawn
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Maine Lobster ThermidorHalf Lobster, Mornay Sauce, Cheese, and Dijon Mustard3200
Grilled King PrawnGarlic Butter, Parsley, Grilled Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes1850
Salmon FilletServed with Mashed Potatoes, Lemon Butter Sauce, and Spinach1650
Seafood PlatterHalf Lobster, King Prawns, Oysters, Crab, and Clams4500
Grilled Whole SquidLemon, Garlic, and Parsley1450

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Sides Menu

French Fries
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
French FriesCrispy and Golden250
Grilled AsparagusWith Garlic and Olive Oil450
Creamed SpinachFresh and Creamy350
Sautéed MushroomsWith Garlic and Thyme450
Truffle Mashed PotatoesCreamy and Luxurious450

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Desserts Menu

Crème Brûlée
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Crème BrûléeVanilla Custard, Caramelized Sugar350
Chocolate MousseDark Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Shavings350
Lemon TartLemon Curd, Shortcrust Pastry, Fresh Berries350
Babette’s CheesecakeCreamy Cheesecake, Graham Cracker Crust, Berry Sauce350
Apple Tarte TatinCaramelized Apples, Puff Pastry, Vanilla Ice Cream350

Babette’s The Steakhouse Restaurant Drinks Menu

Ginger Ale
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Soft DrinksCoke, Sprite, Fanta, Ginger Ale100
JuicesOrange, Pineapple, Apple,


Thursday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Friday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Saturday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Sunday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Monday(Māgha Pūjā)12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pmHours might differ
Tuesday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm
Wednesday12–2:30 pm, 6–10:30 pm


+66 2 630 4000

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