Baan Khun Bhu Restaurant Menu – Hat Yai Thailand

The Baan Khun Bhu Restaurant in Hat Yai is a must-visit if you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine. This restaurant offers a wide selection of Thai dishes that are sure to satisfy your desire for the flavors of the country.


Baan Khun Bhu Restaurant Noodles Menu

tom- yum- noodles
tom- yum- noodles
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Pad ThaiStir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, and peanuts80
Pad See EwStir-fried flat rice noodles with chicken and vegetables80
Rad NaStir-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables in a savory gravy sauce80
Tom Yum NoodlesSpicy and sour soup noodles with shrimp, lemongrass, and other herbs120
Boat NoodlesRice noodles in a savory broth with beef or pork and meatballs60
Khao Soi NoodlesEgg noodles in a rich and creamy curry soup with chicken and vegetables100

Rice Dishes

pineapple- fried- rice
pineapple- fried- rice
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Khao PadFried rice with your choice of meat and vegetables80
Pineapple Fried RiceFried rice with pineapple, shrimp, chicken, cashews, and raisins100
Green Curry Fried RiceFried rice with green curry paste, chicken, and vegetables100
Basil Fried RiceFried rice with your choice of meat, chili, garlic, and Thai basil80
Crab Fried RiceFried rice with crab meat, egg, and vegetables120
Tom Yum Fried RiceFried rice with shrimp and lemongrass, seasoned with spicy Tom Yum sauce100


red- curry
red- curry
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Massaman CurryA rich and creamy curry with beef, potatoes, and peanuts140
Green CurryA classic Thai curry with chicken, coconut milk, and green chili120
Panang CurryA thick and spicy curry with chicken, lime leaves, and peanuts120
Red CurryA flavorful and aromatic curry with beef, bamboo shoots, and basil120
Yellow CurryA mild and fragrant curry with chicken and potatoes100
Jungle Curry (spicy!)A spicy and fiery curry with mixed vegetables and Thai herbs120


coconut- ice- cream
coconut- ice- cream
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Mango Sticky RiceSweet sticky rice served with ripe mangoes and coconut milk80
Coconut Ice CreamCreamy and refreshing coconut-flavored ice cream with peanuts and syrup40
Banana FrittersDeep-fried banana slices coated in a crispy batter, served with honey60
Taro PuddingA sweet and creamy dessert made from taro root and coconut milk60
Thai CustardA delicious and sweet dessert made with eggs, sugar, and coconut milk60
Black Sticky RiceSweet and nutty black glutinous rice pudding with coconut milk60


iced- chocolate
iced- chocolate
MenuDescriptionPrice (THB)
Thai TeaA traditional Thai beverage made with tea and milk35
Iced CoffeeA refreshing iced coffee drink35
Iced ChocolateA rich and creamy iced chocolate drink40
LemonadeA classic lemonade made with fresh lemons30
Orange JuiceA fresh-squeezed orange juice40
Pineapple JuiceA sweet and tropical pineapple juice40
Coconut JuiceA refreshing coconut water served in a coconut shell50
Soft DrinksA variety of sodas and other soft drinks20-30
BeerA selection of local and imported beers60-100
WineA variety of red and white wines120-200
CocktailsA selection of classic and signature cocktails120-250

Opening Hours:

Thursday11 am–7:30 pm
Friday11 am–7:30 pm
Saturday11 am–7:45 pm
Sunday11 am–7:30 pm
Monday11 am–7:30 pm
Tuesday11 am–7:30 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at Baan Khun Bhu Restaurant in Hat Yai varies depending on the items ordered, but on average, it is around 150-300 THB per person. Prices may vary depending on location, availability, and any promotions or discounts that may be offered.

Phone Number

+66 74 238 861.

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