After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant Menu – Hat Yai Thailand

After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is a famous dessert cafe chain in Thailand. The cafe has a informal atmosphere and is a super vicinity to revel in a candy deal with with pals or family.

The menu at After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is good sized and includes a lot of desserts, as well as a few mild food. There are options for each hot and bloodless desserts, in addition to plenty of beverages. Some of the popular cakes consist of the Signature Honey Toast, the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake, and the Matcha Roll Cake.

The desserts at After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant are made with fresh, super components. The desserts are also superbly offered, making them a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is a great location to revel in a scrumptious and cheap dessert in Hat Yai. The food is clean, the carrier is friendly, and the environment is welcoming. If you are looking for a incredible vicinity to eat in Hat Yai, After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is a fantastic choice.

Here are some of the cakes that you may strive at After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant:

  • Signature Honey Toast is a popular dessert made with thick slices of toast, fresh end result, and a generous amount of honey.
  • Molten Lava Chocolate Cake is a decadent dessert made with a heat chocolate cake that oozes chocolate lava whilst cut into.
  • Matcha Roll Cake is a clean dessert made with matcha sponge cake, matcha cream, and azuki beans.

After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is a first rate region to revel in the flavors of Thailand. The cakes are scrumptious, the provider is top notch, and the surroundings is welcoming. If you are seeking out a splendid location to consume in Hat Yai, After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant is a extremely good choice.


After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant Food Menu

honey- toast
honey- toast
Shibuya ToastThick toast served with butter and honey฿159
Honey ToastThick toast served with honey and whipped cream฿179
Nutella ToastThick toast served with Nutella and whipped cream฿179
Mixed Berry ToastThick toast served with mixed berries and cream฿189
Chocolate Lava CakeWarm chocolate cake with a molten center฿179
Fried ChickenCrispy fried chicken served with dipping sauce฿179
Pad ThaiClassic Thai dish with stir-fried noodles, veggies, and meat฿189
Spaghetti CarbonaraPasta dish with bacon, cream, and parmesan cheese฿199
Truffle FriesFrench fries seasoned with truffle oil and parmesan฿129
NachosTortilla chips topped with cheese and salsa฿159


thai- tea- kakigori
thai- tea- kakigori
Thai Tea KakigoriShaved ice dessert with Thai tea syrup and toppings฿199
Chocolate KakigoriShaved ice dessert with chocolate syrup and toppings฿199
Tiramisu KakigoriShaved ice dessert with tiramisu syrup and toppings฿209
Honey Toast with Ice CreamThick toast served with honey and a scoop of ice cream฿239
Mango Sticky RiceClassic Thai dessert with sweet sticky rice and mango฿159
Matcha Crepe CakeLayered cake made with matcha and cream฿199
Chocolate Mud PieRich chocolate pie with a cookie crust฿179


chocolate- frappe
chocolate- frappe
Iced LatteEspresso with milk and ice฿99
CappuccinoEspresso with steamed milk and foam฿109
Thai TeaSweet and creamy tea made with Thai tea leaves฿69
Green Tea LatteMatcha with milk and foam฿119
Chocolate FrappeCold coffee drink blended with chocolate syrup and ice฿119
Strawberry SmoothieRefreshing smoothie made with strawberries and ice฿129
Soft DrinksVariety of carbonated beverages฿59
Fresh Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed orange juice฿89
Bottled WaterStill water in a bottle฿29

Opening Hours:

Sunday10 am–9 pm
Monday10 am–9 pm
Tuesday10 am–9 pm
Wednesday10 am–9 pm
Thursday10 am–9 pm
Friday10 am–10 pm
Saturday10 am–10 pm

Price Range:

The price range per person at After You Dessert Cafe & Restaurant in Hat Yai is approximately ฿150-฿300.

Phone Number

+66 2 318 4488

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